Sunday, May 20, 2012

The sky's the limit...?

I just love this.  Especially appropriate since my husband now works at NASA!  :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Road To Happiness Has Twists and Turns

I haven't written much on this blog for the past year.  We've been going through a lot of changes.  Big, Life Changing changes.  I'll skip the drama, we've loved traveling in our RV for the past 3 years and now we've settled down.  A real, permanent place to call HOME.

I knew I was ready to settle down.  Traveling is awesome and seems like you could do it forever.  But after a while, it gets... not boring.  There's always somewhere new to explore.  It just gets lonely.  Always in a strange town where you don't know where the grocery store is, which mechanic you can trust, or how far it is to the closest hospital should you need it.  Never staying anywhere long enough to develop friendships, people who really know you and with whom you can have deep conversations.  Missing your family and best friends, the type you can call and know they will come over or watch your pets while you're out or help you move a boat from a broken trailer to a new one.  Actually, the boat trailer is another story.  I'll post that one another time...

In January I was hired as a Park Ranger in Fort Myers, FL.  I LOVED the job.  Seriously, they paid me to do all the things I love most in the world: gardening, teaching people about nature, protecting the environment, and besides that hanging out at a beautiful park all day!  We thought we'd stay.  We'd get to know people, make a place for ourselves there that we could call home.  But only 3 months into my dream job, Chris got a call.  An offer.  A job offer from HIS dream job at NASA... in Houston.  Oh, what to do???

At first I thought that this blog was all about our travels.  But the title says, "Our Road To Happiness."  I started blogging when I quit a job I hated with every fiber of my being, and set out on a mission to find Happiness.  We have learned a lot on this journey.   Things like:

-Any view, no matter how beautiful, can become routine.  You just get used to it and it loses its magic. 
-Happiness can't be found in any place on the map.  It's in your mind.
-Humans are very adaptable.  We will survive whether we are rich or poor, cold or hot, dirty or clean, living in the country or the city.  We can be happy if we decide to be.
-Flexibility is essential to navigating Life.

So, we moved to Houston.  Chris loves his job, and I have faith that I will find a career that I love too.  We're near our families and friends (we lived in Texas before starting out on our motorhome journey).  This blog is not about traveling, it's about learning to cope with Life's twists and turns.  Navigating the road through tough times and good ones and finding that Happiness isn't the place we're going; it's the journey.