Monday, April 2, 2012

Rescue of the baby osprey

There was a great osprey nest in a tree that fell down in a big storm at the park.  

Here are the parents looking forlorn as their nest and baby are gone....
Here are the parent osprey looking forlorn that their nest is gone!

Poor baby osprey all alone

Big project bringing all the tools in kayaks to the mangrove island
We placed a nest box as close to the original nest as possible, brought in nesting material, and returned the chick.

Everyone is reunited again!

The rescue crew

Day Trip to Cayo Costa

This is beautiful Cayo Costa State Park.  Miles and miles of unspoiled beaches, very few people.  Very primitive facilities and only accessible by boat.  The trail system was extensive and fun!  Thanks to our great friends Craig and Sue who invited us over and gave us a great day's tour of the island.  We can't wait to go back!