Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weeki Watchee Springs State Park

For the weekend we motored up to Weeki Watchee Springs State Park, just north of Tampa.  I really enjoyed it!  They have crystal clear spring water, perfect for viewing manatees and mermaids!  They have a mermaid show which was great to watch.  I think little kids would get a big kick out of this place!

 Mermaids sing...

 And dance!

The manatees were so easy to see and photograph in the clear water!

See the tiny hairs around his snout?  They're used like a cat's whiskers to help navigate in murky water! 

Did you know that manatees have independent prehensile lips?  They can curl either lip around a morsel of food to grab it!  Cool, yeah?

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  1. I think I'm related to those Manatees..I can curl my lips around every morsel of food in sight!!!..and then go back and get anything I missed with my fly strip!!