Monday, January 2, 2012

Moving for New Years

Our time at Bahia Honda has finally ended again. We've temporarily moved to Collier-Seminole State park. We're very excited to see more of Florida's west coast! We found a gopher tortoise at nearby Koreshan State Park!


  1. that tortoise is pretty neat!! I would love to do Florida again, but we aren't much for RV parks..Prefer the state parks..

  2. We've had wonderful explorations of nearby state parks, so we're glad you're getting a healthy dose of the same. We landed a job camp hosting in Arizona near we'll be heading there soon. We wish you the best of the best! Bob & Eileen

  3. Thanks Eileen! Tell Bob that Chris loves the aloe tip - eating a little bit of aloe when his tummy hurts makes it feel much better!