Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I'm a Ranger!

I have a new JOB as a Park Ranger for Florida State Parks!  We're on the west coast of Florida and settling in for a long haul.  I love my new job, it's what I've been working towards!  The park is right on the ocean.  The beaches are lined with shells, the canals are teeming with birds, and there are miles of hiking trails are full of tropical plants!  

Chris continues to work from the RV with his little helper. 

So now that we're both working full time jobs you will probably see our blogging frequency decrease dramatically.  Sorry, guys, we'll try to keep up but sometimes we may be too busy to blog!


  1. Whoa!! Good for you!! Don't worry about us..We are always here if you want to visit!! yea!!!!!

  2. I'm interested in know where you are working?

  3. Hurray! You sure deserve that job. Is it at Meredith's former park? The park service is fortunate to have you. Very Best, Eileen & Bob

  4. Melissa and Chris,

    I'm happy to see you both working and hopefully you'll continue in jobs that you enjoy most days.

    Mary Ann