Monday, November 21, 2011


We really loved the Butterfly Conservatory in Key West!!!  It's very small but absolutely fantastic!  They have thousands of butterflies crammed into a space the size of an average garage.  You walk in and are surrounded by flitting, spinning, fluttering rainbows of color!  It's too fabulous for photo to capture, but here's my attempt!

 This beauty landed on me and sat there for about 2 minutes!

 The best way to capture butterflies in photo is to wait for them to stop for a snack.  It's the only time they stop fluttering!

See the funny curly thing under his head?  That his proboscis - a long tongue-like appendage that they can extend to reach the bottom of a deep tubular flower.

It might be hard to believe, but I promise these two photos are the SAME butterfly!  Talk about a split personality!

I just love the green and turquoise colors on this one!  

Look at those crazy antennae!  What could that alien looking creature be?!

...It's MOTHRA!!!!  Muh ha ha ha ha....
Here's a nice overall photo to show you how the inside looks.  They have a pond in the middle, a couple of waterfalls, and lots of cute tropical birds flying around in here too!  

One of my favorite sayings is, "In Order to Enjoy Butterflies, You Must First Suffer the Caterpillars."  In that line, I'll end this post with a photo of a caterpillar that I took right here at Bahia Honda State Park.

Soon this ugly little worm will be a beautiful butterfly!  It reminds me that we can all transform ourselves into something better every day.  Hope you have a beautiful day!


  1. What artful pictures! I was curious about this place, so thanks for the "visit"! Hope you got that job, because you guys are the best (with no one in 2nd place). I was hoping you'd post the story that goes with Mary's great photos of "The Pelican Boxed & Gift Wrapped". Please keep these great posts comin'....

  2. We'll be in the Keys after Christmas, so we will definitely go there.