Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bahia Honda

I know I haven't blogged in, oh... a MILLION YEARS! Sorry about that. I think my life is fun but I don't know if its cool enough to blog about! Chris bugs me to blog all the time. So here it is!

We're now volunteering (again) at Bahia Honda State Park near Big Pine Key, FL. For anyone who's never been to the Keys, this is right in the middle of the Keys, about two hours south of the mainland and about an hour north Key West. Even as the rest of the world cools off, its still warm and even hot some days here. We're generally experiencing 70's at night and 80's by day.

We both have online jobs to pay the bills and volunteering at the park is fun as well as it pays the rent! When we're not at work we are usually out in our little boat, or snorkeling, or diving, or hunting lobster or fishing. Catching our dinner helps with the grocery bills! We have lots of fish!

Fish going in the freezer

Catching lobster

Today the weather was rainy and the waves are high so we went to the Key West Aquarium. I had lots of fun playing at the touch tank and even got to help feed the nurse sharks!

We love the Florida Keys!


  1. We were only there once, but I fell in love with those little islands...and the history of them. Looks like you are having is good with fresh seafood every day, eh??

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  3. Volunteer Bob here... Melissa and Chris, you guys are cool and Melissa, you'd make a great Ranger.
    This is Volunteer Eileen: I said it B4 Bob-- you'd make a super Ranger. UR a natural...!

  4. Hi Dennis and Donna! We ARE having lots of fun! Thanks for continuing to read my blog!
    Thanks, Eileen! Volunteering is not too bad, either! ;)