Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Atchafalaya Basin flooding

The recent flooding in Louisiana is visible on the bridge. This is usually a boggy area instead of the lake we saw. Those are tree tops sticking up out of the water!

Hi everyone!

For all my friends who have been bugging me to blog again, here it is. We've spent 5 months in Austin - the longest time we've sat still in about 2 years! We've had good times and tough ones here. When we first arrived in Austin we dealt with a freakish cold spell where it didn't get over 20 degrees for several days! It was cold in the RV! And we learned an important lesson about RVing in freezing temps. It is important not just to disconnect the water and sewage lines but also to completely empty them! Yep, we had frozen sewage in the dump line and it refused to melt for a week!

We've done some big upgrades since we've been here. We now have all new tires on the motorhome, an air conditioner and heat pump, and an on-demand hot water heater! The hot water heater plus an Oxygenics shower head is the epitome of RV luxery! I highly recommend it to all RV owners! No more Army showers for us!

We have had busy social schedules since we've been in Austin. We are so lucky to have so many friends! We've been at the lake diving and enjoyed many dinners with our friends. I've been working at an organic nursery in town, The Natural Gardener, where I made lots of new friends and loved the work! Chris has been very busy teaching Scuba at the University of Texas and also at Oak Hill Scuba shop. He is now officially an Instructor Trainer! Congrats, baby!

I have a camp host job lined up at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park starting June 1st. Key Largo, here we come!