Thursday, December 2, 2010

Making some changes

We're very excited about some redecorating we're doing in the motorhome! Our rig is a 93 model so it's a little outdated in fashion and is showing some wear and tear. We've been talking about some changes for a while but it always seems there's something more critical to do. Well finally today Chris removed the jump seat which is an armchair that only the cat sat in. Getting rid of that thing opened up a lot of space! Now Chris can add a real desk to his office area.

I also re-covered some cabinets. They used to be a dull blue color but now its been changed to a more colorful and cheerful pattern. Luckily I met a new friend at the park, Suzanne, who was absolutely fantastic at this and helped me get it done fast and it looks great!

Next on the renovation list: I'm going to get rid of the peeling old wallpaper and do some painting! I'll post pictures as the projects get done.

Here's a photo of the cabinet makeover!




  1. Really nice job on the "makeover"....It adds some extra interest in the cockpit!!!

  2. Love the splash of color! Great Job Melissa!