Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Here's your sign...

Near American Falls, Idaho
Is pantslessness such a problem that they had to add this extra line?

Oregon coast
I don't think the guy is going to make it.

The Everglades, Florida
We've seen various wildlife crossing signs. But a PANTHER crossing....
that's different.

Highway One entering Big Sur, California.
Not RV friendly.

Sun City, Arizona
Don't feed the strippers. Ever.

Near Mt St Helens, Washington
Strung out sasquatch proves too much coffee is bad for you.

San Marcos Pass, California
Does this look like a place where people would congregate and loiter?

I forgot which mountains in California this was from.
But I think the bears are following the deer.

Grantsville, Utah
Apparently the best reason to slow down for a yield sign is so you can aim better.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?


  1. Great blog about some pretty hysterical signs...when you really think about it....There are some towns out there with really funny names too...especially in Arkansas...I think we saw one called Toad Suck...

  2. LOL! I have family from Hanging Dog Creek, NC. :)

  3. Were you really at Grantsville? Bob & I tried their free camping and had to abandon our site in the middle of the night because of a wild, drunken cowboy sliding his pickup in the mud around our RV. Funny. I put a picture of the resevoir next to the campground on my own blog. It's so far from here!