Thursday, December 30, 2010


A couple of nights ago I awoke to a loud crash from the front of the motorhome.  I checked it out and found my notebook computer at the bottom of the stairwell making (not so) funny noises.  I picked it up and checked it out only to get "Hard Drive not Detected" - the hard drive took physical damage.  It fell because a certain small cat was trying to stand on it to see what was going on up near the ceiling.  I had to have a new drive FedEx'd in to get back up and running.

This evening I heard another crash from the front of the motorhome and saw a black streak heading away from the area.  I found my cell phone and the signal booster that we use to get service in low service areas on the floor.  The plug on the signal booster was completely snapped off and is rattling around in the case.  It's toast.  A few hours later I tried to check a text message on my cell phone and found that the touchscreen and buttons on the front no longer work.  After fiddling with it for a while I've declared it toast as well, oh well, Melissa says that I yelled at it at least once a day for not working anyway.  Going to order a Droid tonight and finally get rid of Windows Mobile forever.

Happy's been an expensive kitten this week...

The dead equipment
A tired kitten passed out on me after today's destruction


  1. That's a kitten for you! Ours are all older and pretty much past the destruction stage...almost, but not quite! You need to kitten proof your MH!

    She's a cutie though!

  2. This is exactly why I love cats...They all have a naughty streak, not unlike myself!!

  3. Oooh! Happy has been very, very naughty! I hope you love your Android as much as I do! It's the cat's pajamas. Oops, maybe I shouldn't be mentioning cats since you've got such a handful right now. He doesn't even look sorry! LOL