Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Tree!

Last year's Christmas celebration was a little dull. We were boondocking in the Arizona desert and we were dirt poor. We didn't have any friends in the area so for Christmas we had a campfire and burnt some chestnuts, listened to some other boondockers scream at each other, and I tried to play Christmas tunes on a harmonica.

This year I'm very excited to say I have decorated for the season and we even have a Christmas tree! Well, not a real, smelly, pine needles everywhere kind of tree. This one is much better! Its in lights!

I'm making gumbo for all the park rangers and volunteers and inviting everyone over to celebrate! Chris and I even have Christmas presents for each other! I love this time of year!!!

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  1. That's a nice Christmas tree...and it doesn't take any room inside! We never did any decorations this year...our Christmas was kind of like yours was last year, I guess.