Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fantasy Fest was fantastic!

I dressed up as a spider queen!

Chris calls his costume "Key West Camo"

For Halloween we visited Key West for Fantasy Fest. This is a world-famous festival on par with Carnivale or Mardi Gras. The costumes and body painting were fabulous!
There were plenty of people in regular costumes and some extraordinary ones! We saw GI Joes, Avatars, construction fairies, birdcage heads, and my personal favorite - the YipYip Monsters! The creativity involved is outstanding!

They looked even more "real" in person!

Apparently the Na'vi had their own float in the parade.

"Yip-yip-yip-yip-yip!" (they were on Sesame Street)

Some people may be shocked by the nude painted bodies wandering around on Duval Street but if you haven't seen this amazing art don't be too quick to judge! Yes, many people were topless and some are even completely nude but the painting is professionally done and the human body becomes a canvas for these beautiful creations. Some are painted to look like they are wearing clothes. Some are painted as animals or in animal print. Flower designs were also very popular.

Since I know Mom is reading I'll keep the body painting pictures clean!

That's just paint!

I know, Mom. They're naked. But isn't it pretty art?

It seemed like the later we stayed the more fabulous the costumes became! I'm very sorry we couldn't stay for the biggest event, the parade on Saturday! I have no doubt the costumes get even better than this...

Fantasy Fest is also known for fabulous drag queens. Isn't she amazing?

We had a great time and loved it so much we plan to return next year. This year we went on Friday night and Chris had to play designated driver for the hour-long drive back to Bahia Honda. Next year we are getting a hotel room so we can see the big parade instead of having to drive home and work the next day (yeah, that part wasn't as much fun!) We can all look forward to more pictures of Fantasy Fest next year!


  1. Interesting! LOL! Love the art work, the green plastic army toys but some just shouldn't flaunt, ha ha!

    Are you sporting a new hair color? Looks like you had a great time!


  2. Nah I just did my hair black for the costume. It was temporary spray-in dye.
    Glad you enjoyed reading about our Halloween! :)

  3. Ooh, the Fastasy Fest looks like an awesome time! I love Halloween, maybe I should try to make it out there some year. The body art is incredible! Glad ya'll are still able to get out and enjoy the atmosphere, even it you are working hard now!

  4. Hey there! My wife and I were the Yip-Yips! Great to see that you took so many pictures!

  5. Thats pretty cool that the yip-yips found my blog. The wonders of modern technology and all that! :)