Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Beauty of the Keys

The Florida Keys are treating us well!  We're both working hard and having a lot of fun.  Our new motto seems to be "Work Hard, Play Hard!"  I've been volunteering at both Bahia Honda State Park and the Dolphin Research Center.  Chris spends 5 days a week on his regular (paying) job and they've had a lot for him to take care of lately.  When he has a chance he will cover one of my shifts at the state park for me.  We love the work and we love the setting!

In our spare time we love to ride bikes around the island, kayak or snorkel the crystal clear water, or go out on a dive charter to the reef!  We've gone lobstering and fishing for yummy dinner!  We love the other volunteers here.  We've had some great happy hours and potluck dinners with our new friends! 

Dolphin Research Center has brand new baby dolphins that were born last week!  Aren't they adorable?!

We love our bikes!

Our friends Fred and Cindy let us take their boat out!  Whee!

Mmm,,, dinner!


  1. We lived in Marathon 1994-2005. Your blog brings back lots of good memories. Have you had Stone Crab Claws yet? They are our favorite, and they are in season. Enjoy your time in the Keys!

  2. It's good to see you guys - hope you're doing well - you look happy and and forgetful... like you've completely forgotten the drama of Deer Creek... I wish we had Dolphins here...

    Brad, Stephanie & Atticus

  3. We loved the Keys when we were there in 2005...and yes, those baby dolphins are just precious....Say, just how many earrings are in those ears?? I have 3 in one ear, but I am MUCH older..LOVE EM!!! Any tattoos?? I have 2...I hope I'll never grow up...Thanks for great memories of the Keys!

  4. We're so jealous of you and Chris. We won't start fulltiming until the end of January 2011 and then we're heading south! We'll be spending the month of April at the Grassy Key RV Resort and we CAN'T WAIT! Keep enjoying the Keys and keep us up to date!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Melissa & Chris!!!


  6. Late comment'

    I've been away from this site for a while but wanted to say that the dolpnin pictures and sunset pictures were professional - they would fit well in a travel publication.

    Keep on RVing and recording memories.