Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today was my first day to volunteer at Dolphin Research Center (DRC) in Grassy Key, FL. What a great experience! My work will mostly be eight hours on my feet doing glamorous things like collecting trash, cleaning bird cages, and working in the "Fish House" (whooeee! what a smell!). But at the end of the day I was rewarded by getting to participate in the dolphin's after-hours play time. We fed them treats and they squealed with joy! This is going to be a blast!

I'm also still volunteering at Bahia Honda State Park 4 days a week to "pay the rent." Of course they don't actually pay me but I do get a free campsite in paradise!

The weather has finally cooled off. At first the days were sweltering here but now it's just perfect. The water has gotten a little chilly too! It's not too cold for swimming and snorkeling yet, but it is not as warm as bathwater like it was when we first arrived!

This place is simply gorgeous. Here are some more great pics of Home Sweet Home!

View from the Old Bahia Honda Bridge

Chris is soaking up some sun on Sandspur Beach

All the birds seem to hang out in the same area every day! We have pelicans, gulls, egrets, herons, ibis, and lots of littler birds that I'm still learning to identify.

Calusa beach is so pretty!

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  1. Your present "home" looks like "Gilligan's Island"; the ideal island to get marooned on. But the birds reminded me of the old movie "The Birds" by Hitchcock; it just made it back to the local theater which shows classical old movies. And of course I had to see it again. The movie is tame compared to later scary tales. It still make one notice any gathering of birds (for the next weeks, months, years?) afterward. Back to Florida...while you're picking up trash, think of the swim at the end of the day in that beautiful water.