Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Orleans (around here they say N'or-Luhns)

We finally left Texas and are on our way to Florida. We're traveling at a leisurely pace and New Orleans is a fun town and its right on the way. Chris and I have both been to the French Quarter before but not since before the hurricane. Besides the addition of a "Hurricane Katrina" tour to the many tours available in town, the Big Easy seems pretty much the same as we remembered it.

We're staying at nearby Fountainbleu State Park. There is a pretty little hike through the swamp to a boardwalk on the water. This is a great little state park; its just 30 minutes from New Orleans, 5 minutes from a city with lots of shopping, restaurants, and grocery stores. As long as you enjoy the deafening sound of a million frogs singing at night (which we do!) its a convenient base from which to visit the city without having to drive an RV through it.

We started with beignets at the original Cafe Du Monde. Mmm these french donuts are essentially a lump of fried bread covered in enough powdered sugar to drown a crazy ant. The famous cafe is actually kind of a dump, but it is a Bakery Icon and the food was great. A street performer actually rode up on a bicycle and serenaded us while we ate! Then we wandered through the shops of the French Quarter for a couple hours and ended up having a beer on Bourbon street. It was kind of fun but we've decided we're getting too old for music that loud! We much preferred the froggy chorus at the state park. :)

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