Saturday, September 18, 2010


In Boca Raton, FL we discovered the continental US's first kava bar. Kava is an herb similar to Chamomile that is calming. You can find it at most health food stores with medicinal herbs. Its totally legal, too! The owner is from Fiji where Kava is part of daily life like coffee is a daily drink for many Americans. We enjoyed learning about different kinds of Kava from Jefferey the Fijian and the bartender. We tried some and were told to shoot, not sip, since it tastes quite bitter. Yep, maybe its an aquired taste but not something you want to drink with dinner! I've used Kava extract from the health food stores before for anxiety.
It was fun to go to a bar and socialize and have a quality kava drink!


  1. Been in lots of bars...some I would call CaCa Bars, but never a Kava Bar...sounds interesting...Lord knows I could use SOMETHING healthy in my system occasionally to soak up the fats and sweets!!!
    ...hey...why was my secret word "dumish"??...Type cast again!!

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