Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Keys!

If you take a look at our Datastorm map on the right side of this page you'll see that it looks like we're in the middle of the ocean! Well, almost.... we're in the Florida Keys! We've settled into Bahia Honda State Park and will be volunteering here for the next 3 months! We're living on a small island which is about 4 miles long and less than a quarter mile wide. When not working for the park we'll be swimming, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and fishing! This place seems real nice and I think we'll love it here! We haven't taken any pictures yet but we'll post some as soon as we can!


  1. You were very lucky getting a volunteer job in the Keys! How far back did you apply? I'd love to do that some day. Looking forward to some pictures of the campground. My recollections of the park are fading.

  2. I had to apply for this job a year ago! I still need to get my camera out there. Maybe this afternoon...