Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Final Frontier!

We've found a really nice RV Park called Manatee Hammock which is right across the water from Kennedy Space Center. We're literally a 5 minute drive from the space center! The entrance tickets were a little expensive at $41 each but we decided to go anyway. The tickets do allow you to visit the space center two days and they really have a lot to see and do! We did a tour of the center, from finding out where they assemble the shuttles to how they move the rocket to the launch pad. They have an IMAX theater where we watched a movie about the Hubble telescope and they have multiple museum areas and learning centers.

Shuttle Main Engine

We toured mock ups of the shuttles. We especially loved comparing the astronaut's life to our RV living. The astronaut toilet and showers are way bigger than your average RV bathroom! However the astronauts had WAY more storage space; the floors, walls, and ceiling of the shuttle are all drawers and cabinets! RV'ers also have much nicer bedrooms than astronauts.

Space Station Bathroom

Now that's STORAGE!

Astronaut Bedroom

I guess the moral of the story is: If you want to do something cool like traveling in an RV or exploring space, you must be willing to accept that your accommodations will not necessarily be spacious! But it's worth the sacrifice!

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  1. Man, it's been a looooong time since we toured that place...40 years ago, to be exact...I know darn well things have changed!! I think they used to simulate a launch so you could feel the earth shake..If they still do, make sure you do it!! We used to spend lots of time in Florida before we owned an RV..We need to go back. Enjoy !!!