Friday, August 27, 2010

Time with Family and Friends

While in Beaumont we were able to visit friends and family for a couple of weeks and were able to watch my sister walk for her double Master's Degrees, an MBA and an MSA (Masters of Science in Nursing Administration.)  That brings her to a total of four degrees and we're very proud of her.

Mom, Keili, & Dad
Happy has healed from the wounds we found him with having only a couple of small scars to show for it.  He's growing like a weed.  Nay Nay has taken Happy under his tail and is teaching him the ropes of being an RV cat.  They've become best friends and play and snooze together.

Nap Time


  1. Thanks for posting that adorable photo! Looks like they both should be called Happy. :)

  2. What a wonderful story. Thanks for blogging about Happy. Hope you are able to keep him and/or find him a great home.

  3. He's one of the family now, we're keeping him.