Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy couple of weeks...

We haven't been good little bloggers lately so I figured I'd throw a quick update out there.  I'm sure that once things calm down a bit we'll get back to updating on a regular basis.

We've been in SE Texas for a couple of weeks now visiting family and friends, getting teeth drilled on, setting up classrooms, doing tax returns, and generally staying very busy.  Tomorrow I get to replace the shocks on the Jeep and (hopefully) repair the rear air conditioner on the motorhome and the day after I'll be doing drivetrain work on the Jeep (open both differentials for service and change man. transmission oil.)

The kitten, now named Happy Nibbler, has become one of the family and is growing every day.  We'll post pics of the visit and kitten as soon as we catch up on uploading them from the camera.  We'll be leaving for Baton Rouge, LA on the 27th or 28th of the month and then on to Florida!


  1. "The kitten... has become on of the family..." Part of the traveling family? Kitty number 3? I'm looking forward to seeing the photos. You did a good, good, deed - and I'm sure Happy Nibbler has repaid you many times over already.

  2. Exactly what is the "Happy Nibbler" nibbling ON??? Fingers and toes, perhaps?? I love cats...we have had at least 6 Siamese...Dennis???..not so much..They remind him too much of me A.K.A. women...Disrespectful, aloof, naughty, tricky and cunning...YEP, THAT'S A WOMAN!!!he he he

  3. Actually we named him simply "Happy" at first because he is always purring and happy. The "Nibbler" part came after a few days of him eating 3 cans of food a day, a reference to the alien pet that can eat anything and still be hungry on the cartoon "Futurama". So instead of renaming him we simply gave him a middle name. :)