Monday, July 26, 2010

Petroglyph National Monument

We were not allowed to get close to the petroglyphs at Petrified Forest so we decided to make a stop at Petroglyph National Monument in the heart of Albuquerque. Here the petroglyphs are not behind fences or chains, you can reach right out and touch them! There are over 20,000 petroglyphs covering the black volcanic rock in the area. Although no one knows for sure what they mean some of the drawings may relate to tribal folk tales, others are representations of animals, plants, and shapes. Some of them looked like cartoons to me!

This next one has a snake at the top, some arrows, maybe stars?, and other odd shapes.

It was fun to guess what the pictures were meant to be. Is this a rat stealing a lollipop?!

We noticed that at both sites we saw hand and footprints etched into the stone. We wondered if this was the Native Americans' version of a self-portrait, just like modern kids writing "Joe wuz here!" Another thing we saw over and over again was a spiral shape. A Ranger at Petrified showed us one that was positioned so that when a ray of sun came through a crack in the rock to land on the spiral it signaled the Summer Solstice. Cool!

While we were hiking on a narrow, rocky path up the mountainside a huge storm blew in and the wind started howling!

The wind must have been gusting up to 40 or 50 mph! It was just trying to blow us off the mountain and of course we had both worn flip flops. Here is a picture of me hiding from the wind; it's blowing my hair straight back!

We made it home okay and next time we will remember to wear tennis shoes!


  1. I love the petroglyphs! We stayed last winter in Ajo, AZ...There is a place called Charlie Bell Pass, on the Cabreza Prieta Wildlife took us 1 1/2 hours to drive 12 miles to the pass, and then we hiked another 1/12 miles down into a spot that had petroglyphs on the rocks!! I love Indian history!! Thanks for taking us along today!!

  2. You look adorable in that pic! It would have been really funny if it was blowing your lips open though :) Love the petroglyphs! I wonder if the hand and foot prints were their way of signing their name to their art work?? Cool stuff! Love Native American history! Y'all are getting close to the great country of Texas! LOL!


  3. I'm so glad you guys are enjoying reading the blog! :)