Saturday, July 31, 2010


Dad and I were trucking down the highway and we both saw him at the same time. A teeny kitten sitting forlornly on the side of the road! Dad stopped the car and backed up to pick him up. This little kitty just sat there looking confused and let Dad pick him up. He handed him to me and we realized the kitty was injured. He was still actively bleeding from wounds to his nose, mouth, and one paw. One eye was swollen shut! There was a box nearby and we assume he must have been literally thrown out of a car right before we got there. Poor baby!

Into the car we jumped and raced over to the local Animal Rescue...who shook their heads at us. Nope, they could not take a wounded kitten. And they warned us that a cat with even minor injuries would be put to sleep by the local pound. Oh, the poor kitty! So I said that I didn't want to see him die and Dad forked out the cash for a quick vet visit. The vet gave some antibiotics and pain killers and said this cat was only about 10 weeks old.
With a little food and some TLC the little guy is doing much better. His wounds are healing and he is the sweetest little cat! We're calling him Happy Cat because he never stops purring!
We already have 2 adult cats with us! Help!!! We don't need another CAT!!!


  1. Oh, Melissa, what a story. What a lucky little kitty.

    I understand how difficult it would be to adopt this little guy permanently when you already have two adult cats with you. Foster him until you can find a good no-kill shelter. He will become socialized to other cats and to people while he is with you, and should be highly adoptable later. Unless you fall head-over-heels for him (always a possibility), you should be able to place him in a loving no-kill shelter knowing you set in on a much happier path.

    The second picture says it all! You two are his heros, and mine, too.

  2. What a sad story and makes me wonder why someone is so mean to do such a thing to any animal.

    I think Laurie and Odel our right on.

  3. I'm so glad you and your dad are the type of people that will pull over to help an animal. So many people probably flew by that kitten and never looked back. Does your dad want a kitty? :)I like Laurie and Odel's advice.

  4. You are angels meant to be there..truly..I have a real fondness for cats..(NO, I don't need one )..One thing about cats..they can take pretty good care of themselves..and..they don't make it a habit of eating underwear, or pooping where they sleep..He's a "KEEPER"..hint, hint..

  5. Thank you for helping the poor little kitty. Many people wouldn't have bothered. I've found over the years that a kitty that had such a hard start to life, and that you rescue, is the sweetest and most loving cat. I don't see why one more would be a problem and it's apparent there is already a strong bond. I speak from experience. We have 8...all rescues.