Monday, July 12, 2010

Melissa's Parents Visit!

My parents have driven in from Texas to visit us for a few days!  They are also here to see the beautiful scenery in Utah and that's great too! 
Over the weekend we made a brisket to celebrate their visit and were able to offer some Utah folks their first taste of Texas style BBQ.  Imagine, folks who've never heard of brisket!  Yesterday Mom and Dad helped us clean campsites and bathrooms and then we went up to Zion National Park for the rest of the day to see the sights.  It was a very hot day and we enjoyed soaking our feet in the cold river.  Later this week Mom and Dad are going to join us on a camping trip to the Grand Canyon; the North Rim is only a hundred miles from here.  I'm especially looking forward to the Grand Canyon - I've been dreaming of visiting it for years!  It's the epitome of wide open spaces which is what I was fervently wishing for when I worked in a windowless cubicle!  After the Grand Canyon we only have one more week to work at Coral Pink and then we'll be heading back through Texas to visit family and friends who we have missed so much!


  1. Enjoy your trip! Looking forward to pics...please!

    Cheers! Merri

  2. Hey Merri and Steve hope to see you on the road soon!
    Lorien hope to see you when we're in Austin in early August - only a couple weeks! I'll call or email you!