Saturday, July 3, 2010

Coral Pink

I took this sunset shot here at Coral Pink Sand Dunes where we are currently working and living.  See how the sand really does look pink?  Only at sunset, though.  The rest of the time it's closer to orange.

Here is our RV space - we have a big campsite with a covered pavillion, fire pit, BBQ, and full hookups.

The weather is hot by day and cool by night.  We really hate to run the AC when we don't need to so Chris recently installed a ceiling fan to bring in some of that nice cool outside air.  It starts to cool off around 6 pm and by 10 pm if you're outside you are probably changing into pants or a long sleeved shirt. 


  1. We find if we put the fantastic fan so that it pulls the air out, close all the windows except one, then it brings that lovely cool air right into that window. It's wonderful for sleeping!

  2. Just found your blog. Darn it, we just missed you at Coral Pink Sand Dunes...but I do remember seeing your RV. Probably missed you at Cedar Breaks and the North Rim too. Utah was such a great state to visit - we spent a month there and now finishing up a month in Wyoming. Good article about boondocking. You can find "free or near free" places to park from joining Escapees ($60/year) and then joining ($5) their Days End updates - tons of places listed. Also, Gypsy Journal sells a couple of eBooks on fairgrounds and free parking places.