Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zion National Park

We loved Zion National Park!  It was very busy but this park is so huge that you can find trails that are not crowded.  The stunning vistas, towering cliffs, and graceful rock formations are simply not done justice by photos.  We walked to The Narrows for lunch where the cliffs crowd closer together as you walk along the Zion River until eventually it becomes a slot canyon.  We ate our picnic lunch on a large boulder on the edge of the cold water.

The Hanging Gardens are where wildflowers, ferns, and other plants are growing right out of the side of the rock face.  Drips of water trickle down the cliff and keep these plants from wilting in the summer heat.

There are three Emerald Pools you can hike to.  It's a very easy hike to lower pool which has 2 beautiful waterfalls slipping over the edge of a concave cliff right above the trail.  The trail actually takes you right under one of the waterfalls!

We visited in a great season for wildflowers.  Blooming yellow columbine dripped down the walls of the Hanging Gardens.  On a hike in The Grottos we found bright red penstemon; yellow and hot pink prickly pear cactus graced the orange sands. Other flowers painted the landscape in popsicle orange, magenta, and various shades of purple. 

Zion National Park actually has three entrances that lead to different parts of the park.  We actually only visited the south side and we drove through the east side.  Kolob Canyons in the north part of Zion will have to wait to we come back.  We will definitely visit Zion again!

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