Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day's End at Coral Pink Sand Dunes

Coral Pink Sand Dunes is known, of course, for its miles of colored sand.  This place is mostly a haven for Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs). There are hundreds of miles of dunes and trails out here for four wheelers to play in. It's very isolated; it takes half an hour to drive to the small town of Kanab. It's going to be over an hour to drive to a Walmart. This place is so remote they don't even have postal service here!

The work is pretty easy, though. This is an extremely small campground with 22 campsites. Our job is to clean one small bathroom, 4 showers, and clean campsites as campers leave. It can be a dirty job when you're shoveling out a firepit and get covered in ash. So far the campers have all been fairly clean and respectful of the quiet hours.  The park staff is very nice and we like it here alot!

When our work is done we are free to play.  We don't have an OHV but we can hike out on the dunes.  Sunset is a great time to go for a walk because the temperature cools down significantly and the light of the setting sun brightens the pinks, oranges, and reds of the sand and the nearby cliffs of Navajo Sandstone.  After the sun has set the sky is so dark you can see a million stars!

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