Tuesday, June 1, 2010

After leaving Grantsville Reservoir, we slept on the road as we traveled as we frequently do.  While parked at a Cabella's we discovered we were right down the road from Flight Park, a Utah State Park dedicated to hang gliding!


Well of course we had to stop in and watch the hang gliders for a while!  It looks like so much fun!!!  We even saw someone who brings his dog up hang gliding with him.  He has a special harness for pup.  He says the dog loves it!

We stopped in Cedar City hoping to see Cedar Breaks National Monument but it turned out they are still closed due to a late spring snow!  They are at 10,000 ft altitude but even so we were quite surprised.  We packed up and hit the road again and now we're settled in at Sand Hollow State Park just 15 minutes from Zion National Park. This park has soft orange sand, a view of colored cliffs, and a deep blue reservoir with an island of red boulders. 

We are basking in the luxury of living with full hookups for the next two days!  We have been living off the grid for about a month now, except for 2 days with partial hookups two weeks ago. We have to hookup every now and then to let our batteries get back to full charge. 
Looks like we're all ready to get some shuteye so we can explore Zion tomorrow!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog so much.

    And Nay is one really big boy!


  2. Your pictures are great! You are a talent for photography.