Sunday, May 2, 2010

A run of bad luck!

Ok, this week was not one of our better weeks.  We found out the cat has diabetes.  The window of the Jeep was broken.   After the repair of the broken window, the driver's side door on the Jeep got stuck in the Locked position.  We've been climbing in from the passenger's side all weekend.  Then Chris forgot the lights on in the Jeep - since he couldn't open the driver's side door there was no warning chime - and the battery was dead when I was ready to be picked up from work.  Poor Chris had quite a time trying to get a jump.  Last night the propane alarm kept going off.  Now the refrigerator has died.  That's right, the fridge and freezer are DEAD.  This kind of fridge usually runs about $1,800.  Can anyone send us some good luck???   

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