Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pipeline campground on the Snake River

We shot through eastern Oregon and into Idaho over the past 3 days.  We've been enjoying the scenery from the interstate.  The Dalles in Oregon was a beautiful area which I wish I had spent more time enjoying.  It's east of Portland on the Columbia River where these cliffs just loom up from the river edges.  The rock formations were stunning.

Idaho is very pretty, lots of farmland which is mostly flat but there are a few gentle rolling hills and the ever-present mountains in the background.

We've now settled in at a new campground in American Falls, Idaho.  Pipeline is a free BLM campground and we're right on the Snake River.  There are no other campers here and the place is lovely.  There are tons of birds here including huge white pelicans cruising the river.  We're just upstream from some rapids so we can hear the water even with the windows and doors closed.  The weather this afternoon was wonderfully warm but we're still expecting chilly nights here.  It seems like a real nice place to spend a few days!

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