Monday, May 17, 2010

Diving the Crater

For years I've been wanting to dive the Homestead Crater which is about an hour east of Salt Lake City.  Now we finally have!

This is a 65 foot deep hot water spring. The water temperature is a toasty 96 degrees year-round so it's just like diving in a warm bath.  No fish or plants live in the Crater due to the high water temperatures.  The walls are limestone shelves and it was fun just to float and relax and explore the area.

This was a very cool diving experience. The water temperature was perfect.  We never got cold even after diving for an hour! The visibility was about 30 feet which is much better than the clarity of the Texas lakes we are used to diving.

If you're ever near Midway, Utah this place allows diving, snorkeling, or swimming and it is a very fun experience that we highly recommend!

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