Friday, May 14, 2010

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Yesterday we took a day trip to Craters of the Moon National Monument.  This park area is the damaged zone of a huge volcanic event about 2000 years ago.  Twisted black lava formations stretch for miles in every direction.  There is blue shiny lava, red pebble lava, rubble and ropes of lava.  Mazes of black destruction compose this bleak canvas. 

We walked on a couple of trails looking for the pika which are known to live in this area.  We didn't see them because they hide in the lava cracks but we frequently heard them, "Eeep!"

There is a trail that goes right up the side of a volcano and visitors are able to look down into the crater.

There is still snow inside the crater from the harsh winters they experience here.  Chris is staring down into a crater in this next photo.

We also walked through a lava tube, a cave formed from lava.  The caves were difficult to walk in because the rocks are all so sharp that one wrong step and you could really get cut up badly.  The rocks were loose and would shift under your feet. 
We had a great time and were really glad we visited this park.  The lava was beautiful in a very desolate kind of way.  We never expected such a crazy landscape in southern Idaho!

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