Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NPS volunteering

Here I am looking all professional and stuff in my National Parks uniform! I'm working at the Lewis and Clark National Park here in Astoria, Or. We have a visitor center with a museum and a replica of the fort that the Corp of Discovery erected in the winter of 1805. I'm learning about Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery, and the Native Americans who were in the Pacific Northwest at the time. I work at the front desk of the visitor center, accepting entrance fees and answering questions. We also have a Junior Ranger program that I do with kids. They fill out a booklet and then I help them with a pledge to take care of the parks and they get a badge and some patches. Kids get awfully excited about this stuff and it's cute to see how happy they are to get a patch and a Junior Ranger Badge! We have several educational programs and get many school groups during the week. Our rangers dress in period clothing and do programs teaching kids to make candles, start a fire with flint and steel, and a ranger shoots a flintlock rifle. Pretty cool stuff!

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