Thursday, April 1, 2010

The new kitchen window view!

We've left Big Sur and are on the move again! It feels great to be traveling again. Big Sur was fantastic but there is a lot more world to see! I am very happy that Big Sur wrote me a wonderful recommendation letter! I'll definitely visit there again but for now we are on our way to my next job in Astoria, OR. We have 7 days to drive 850 miles so we're going to just chill out and see the scenery on the way there.
Tonight we're staying in a free spot, a casino parking lot a couple hours north of Sacramento. We stopped at a random store called Grandzillas and Wow! they had all kinds of gourmet foods, imported beers, and specialty items. Really neat place!
We are in a lowland valley here. There are lots of farms, orchards, and vineyards in this part of California. I think we've found a nice quiet spot for the night, and we'll probably even go into the Casino tonight and play some slot machines.

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