Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mice are not so nice

Once upon a time in an average sized green Jeep Wrangler there lived a little mouse and his name was Sir Mousealot. He loved to eat Cliff Bars and strawberry bubble gum since that's what he found to eat in the Jeep. He was a country bumpkin of a little mouse. He heard the Jeep owners were going to a big city known as San Francisco and he wanted to hop a ride. So he stayed hidden in the Jeep for several days despite the owners' best efforts to convince him to leave the Jeep.
Sir Mousealot had a big brother. His name was Gus. Gus didn't mind the country so much but he wanted to live in a big comfy motorhome. Once he had moved into the motorhome he discovered that the resident cats were lazy and fat. They didn't bother him at all. Gus found a nice cozy spot in an underwear drawer and delighted in making scratching noises in the closet late at night.
Sir Mousealot and his brother Gus both died. We decided not to publish pictures with this story. The End.

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