Sunday, February 28, 2010

A day at work

A lot of people have asked me what I do at the state park. I will outline today as an example of a pretty good day at work. This morning I woke up around 8:30. I was picked up by a ranger at 9:30 for a ride to "whale watch." We drive to a good lookout point and put out signs, some props, and information boards then when people drive in we tell them about gray whales, sea otters, and condors. I answer questions, tell them about the sea otter pelts we have and how to spot a whale or a condor. If I see something interesting I point it out to the visitors. We did that from 10 till noon. When we came back into the park I checked with Katie at the front kiosk if she needed lunch relief, then I checked with Dave at the Nature Center to see if he needed lunch relief. They both said they were ok. So I went home for my lunch. During lunch a camper came up and bought some firewood from me. After eating I went back to the kiosk and hung up a new "Pay Here" sign that I created which will help campers to know how to self-register when the kiosk is closed. At the kiosk I also take money and give directions and information. Eventually a camper came up and said she had lost her dog. I got the golf cart and drove her around for a while looking for a little Yorkie. She was so worried, she kept saying that he would never survive a night alone in the woods. Luckily we did find her dog! After reuniting owner and dog I went back to the kiosk to help out some more. When traffic slowed down at the kiosk I decided to leave Katie to handle it (she does get paid, after all.) On my way back to the RV I passed a couple who were looking for directions for a good hiking trail and I told them about a couple trails and sold them a map. Other camp host duties include driving through the campground and checking that all the campers have paid. We collect and count the payment envelopes from the Iron Rangers weekly. We also collect and count quarters from the coin-operated showers. I'm "on-call" 24 hours a day: campers can come up to my house at any time to buy firewood, ask questions, or report problems. The worst emergency I've had so far at this campground was a camper who was inadvertently locked in the bathroom and could not get out.
I think it's much better than spending my days in a cubicle! :)

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