Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chris is 35!

I've tried to blog several times from my cellphone but technology is seriously lacking out here in Big Sur. The cell service is spotty. Most of the park staff think it's amazing that Chris is able to get internet out here. I tell them he's just that good of an IT guru! For goodness sake, the ONLY radio station available out here is NPR! It is difficult to be away from most of our conveniences we are used to. We've gone to using a Skype phone line. Our cellular calls were getting cut off all the time. It makes it more difficult for me to blog also because I used to always blog by emailing from my cellphone.
We've both been working very hard lately. I've been working at the front kiosk a lot and Chris is working on a new project. We're still trying to adjust to having different days of the week off. Chris's weekend is on Sat and Sunday but my days off are Wed and Thursday. Chris's birthday was on the 3rd and we enjoyed spending a quiet day together. We ate at Nepenthe's restaurant on the coast. The food was pretty good and the view of the ocean was very beautiful!

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