Friday, February 26, 2010

Cabin Fever

The cabin fever is getting bad around here. Chris has been working non-stop on a new program for work which means lots of sitting around in front of the computer. The weather has included weeks of rain and cold with brief respites of nice weather. Sometimes, though, we completely miss out on a nice day because it's always so shady in the park. We laugh and say we live in eternal twilight here - it always seems dark at our home because of the redwood forest we are parked in. Neither Chris or I expected California to be so cold. It's never really warm enough for short-sleeved shirts here. I think the cabin fever is also partly due to being in one place for so long. We've been in Big Sur for 2 months and now and in one more month we will head north for the summer. We love Big Sur and we will for sure be back but we are also looking forward to traveling and seeing new things!
One of the bumper stickers here says "BIG SUR - I SURVIVED HWY 1!" Chris and I wanted to share with you a little bit of the feel of driving down Hwy 1. There's a great sign I love. It reads "HILLS AND CURVES... NEXT 63 MILES." It is hilly and there are hair pin-curves with mountains going straight up on one side of the road and cliffs going straight down on the other. Most people don't realize there are few safety barriers. No shoulder, 2 lane narrow road, and often there is only a small berm between you and a 500 ft cliff. This picture was taken by stopping in the Southbound lane of Hwy 1 and sticking my arm out of the passenger window and just pointing the camera straight down.

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