Monday, December 28, 2009


We drove the Blue Bus over 2 mountain passes today. The first one took us by surprise; the GPS sent us on a "shortcut". It was 7 miles of climbing 6-7% grade and then 4 miles of similar descent. For anyone who is familiar with it, the old Rainbow Bridge in BC is 3% and 1 mile long. We dropped down to 15 mph with the pedal to the metal! Since it was only a one lane road the people behind us were mad! What could we do? The way down was also stressful while Chris tried to slow this 12 ton bus! The brakes will overheat and fail if you just stand on them. We sucessfully completed that mountain pass and discovered another one up the road. This one was only 4 miles of 6% and had 3 lanes of traffic.
We are relieved to know our rig can handle those kind of roads and now we're in a great full hook-up spot in Paso Robles, CA. This place is the center of central California wine country. There are literally a hundred wineries within easy driving distance and one we could walk to from here. They also have a tempting olive press in the area with tasting and several gourmet food shops around. I would love to stay and play here awhile but we are low on funds and I can't trust myself to visit those places and not buy some wines and food! Besides, I have a job in Big Sur to get to...

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog today.

    Welcome to the RVing community. Congratulations for making the necessary changes to actually start "living" your life! =)

    I look forward to following your adventures through your blog.

    Happy & Safe travels to you!

    Angie & Family <3