Sunday, December 27, 2009

Made it to the Pacific!

We pushed hard to make it here. We've spent 7 days including Christmas in Quartzsite. We left there on Saturday at noon. We stopped at a Flying J in Blythe, Ca to get fuel, propane, and we tried to dump our wastewater there but this was the first Flying J we've seen that did not have a dump station. So we tried to stop at another Flying J on I-10 near Indio; we stopped at the stoplight where there was a homeless lady selling oranges. We were shocked to see someone throw change at her face! That's when we realized that California is not all puppies and peace signs. The way was not well marked for the station and we ended up on the road again. We decided not to turn around for a city like that. Traffic got heavy pretty far outside LA. We had planned to stop for the night at a rest stop in Beaumont, Ca but that was closed. It was getting on towards dinner hour and we were getting into heavier traffic as we continued. We found a Camping World about 70 miles out of LA and stayed the night in their parking lot. We were both all nerves all night; it was a loud business district. After sleeping about 2 hours we started on the road again at about 3:30 in the morning. We really wanted to pass on LA traffic right after Christmas! LA was a city that never ended. Talk about huge! All of its surrounding cities are like satellites. We finally arrived at Carpenteria State Beach on the coast at 6:30 AM. We were exhausted, our batteries were extremely low, our septic full, and low on fresh water. And neither of us had bathed in 3 days. We decided to use their honor system and check ourselves into a full hook-up site for the exorbitant price of $50 daily. We checked the reservation board, paid the iron ranger, and got settled into our spot by 7:30. At 8:30 the park host stuck a "ticket" on our door saying we had to move because our rig is too big for the space. Admittedly, we were a foot over the front edge of the parking space, but we had our back tires on the curb. I walked to his site and said ok, we will move, but where should we move to? At first he didn't even come out of his trailer and then he just told me he didn't know where we could move to; we just had to move. So we drove to the ranger desk where we were told that 1.check-in time is 2 pm and 2.we will have to stay in a no hook-ups site because everything is reserved. We negotiated that since we arrived much earlier than check-in time our money we had paid already would stand as a day and a half rent on a boondocking spot (which are usually $35 a day). We still have low batteries and very little fresh water. We did get to dump the septic. We will get to watch the tide roll in and listen to the waves all night long. Now we are looking forward to a good night's sleep and we can't wait to get to Big Sur!

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  1. Jeez, CA isn't sounding so hospitable at all! Get some rest and most important - have fun.