Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

We're slowly getting back into our swing as we head west through Texas. As usual, we travel slowly and take time to enjoy each stop. We went to the Renaissance Festival with friends for the weekend. Camping on the fairgrounds was a trip. On Sat night the campers were all partying. The air was thick with smoke from a hundred campfires. Everywhere you turned there were people playing instruments like flutes, drums, and bagpipes. Some danced, some wore costumes, and lots of people were letting off steam. There was a blacklight tent complete with a blacklight flower garden. Ravers with neon glow tubes danced around the ring of fire. There was a tribal style chant with dancers stomping around a bonfire and drums beating a rhythm. The firelight glistened on sweaty bodies, smoke hung in the air, someone blew a horn and the crowd watched from the edges. There were people everywhere having fun. On Sunday night the fairgrounds were completely different. Almost everyone had gone home and the grounds were deserted and empty. The silence sounded hollow after the singing and whooping of the night before. The morning found the area littered with trash bags and hundreds of buzzards circling the campgrounds. The remaining campers were straggling slowly towards the exit.
Next we travelled to Bastrop State Park to meet Melissa's parents for a couple days' visit. The pine needles cover the ground here and soft golden Fall sunlight filters in between the trees. This was a lovely park with great hiking trails. If you ever get out this way check out the drive down Park Road 1C. It's a winding country road through thick forest for about 10 miles. The nights are getting cool now and we spent each night sitting around a glowing fire and drinking hot chocolate.
Next we'll stop in Austin and visit our storage facility. We now have a good idea of what we need and what we do not. I have a stack of stuff that can go into storage and we won't miss it at all!

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