Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rain in the desert

Its raining hard and hailing, too, at Cochiti Lake. We drove out to meet a satellite repair guy today and spent most of the day waiting on the repair. While hanging out I met a nice guy named Jim who drives the "Boonie Bird." Jim's been boondocking for 23 years! We talked about some upgrades we can make to the rig to extend our boondocking capability.
Chris and I are still working on a name for our rig. Today we thought of "Viva Nueva" as a good name. We know that this rig is taking us to a whole new kind of living. We're relishing life, unfettered and free. Plus I'm learning Spanish right now. The word "viva" in Spanish has a much larger definition than just "the state of being alive." It means living unencumbered, enjoying life, being active, intense, kindled, and pure. So that's why I like Viva Something. Comment if you have any other good ideas... We're still working on it.

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