Friday, October 16, 2009

The race

Getting to Beaumont was the hardest we have drove the motorhome. We left Albuquerque at 1:30 Monday afternoon. We stopped to fill up on fuel and took turns driving till 11 pm. We ate on the road and we stopped at a rest stop to sleep. On Tuesday we again drove all day, stopping only to fuel up; cooking and eating in the motorhome. We didn't really cook, we just fixed sandwiches or cut up salami and cheese. We stopped at 10 pm and slept in another rest stop. The RV was at such a severe angle that walking down the hall was crazy!
On Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 (after 48 hours on the road) we finally arrived back in our hometown. We had decided to try to park the motorhome in Chris's parents' yard. So we drove up to the house and skinnied the RV into the yard between the telephone pole and the bayou and promptly got stuck. The ass-end of the RV is sticking 10 ft across Grandview Street and the wheels were just spinning in the mud. Oh, crap. This is a 24,000 pound vehicle. It's not like just calling for a tow. Hauling this thing requires an industrial tow truck. We tried shingles under the tires to give it some grip. The tires just ripped the shingles through and spit them out on the other side. We tried pouring cat litter into the mud. We were starting a rocking program (driving in a rhythm of forward and reverse to build up the momentum) when a guy in a F-150 drove up and offered to help. With the combination of Chris gunning the motorhome engine and the truck pulling us we managed to get out of the mud and back onto terra firma. We left some pretty nasty ruts in the Peterman yard!
Long story short, we tried 2 other RV parks in Nederland before giving up. One was full, the other had the electricity blocked and did not answer the phone when we called. It was so hot! We were sweating buckets by now; heat index in Beaumont was 104! And we'd been driving so hard we hadn't showered in 3 days. Yuck! We needed to find somewhere to park the RV and get to the hospital to see Chris's dad. We drove back to Beaumont and shelled out the bucks for a week at the RV park we stayed at last time we were in Beaumont. We can't afford to stay at this place the whole time we're in Beaumont but we were exhausted and had reached the limit of our endurance.
Now Chris's dad is doing much better. We're getting discharged today!

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  1. Hello Melissa,
    Glad to see Chris' Dad is doing better. It is nice you can be there with him. Hope your travels are fun.
    I have a question for you. My sister in law and her husband bought a motor home. How do you get the information about heights of bridges and places to know which roads to travel if your home is too tall.