Thursday, October 8, 2009

International Balloon Fiesta!

We had a really long day at the International Balloon Fiesta today, leaving at 6am to catch the Mass Ascension. There were probably over 200 balloons in the sky at one time and today was the day of the "special shape" rodeo. Some of the cool balloons we saw were: "When pigs fly", Darth Vader, Nemo (with buck-teeth), a beer mug, a Pepsi can, the Energizer Bunny, and tons more.

A picture to prove that we really were there.

The balloons heading off into the sunrise.

After the balloon festivities we went shopping and picked up a lot of RV items we've been needing (and a couple we were coveting.) Camping World seems to be the Wal-Mart of RV'ing, we just can't get away from them.

We're taking steps to move our way off the grid. It looks like we may have solar panels installed in November and may try to stay at super cheap "extended stay" areas with no water/sewer connections or electricity for several months this winter in California. Melissa's researching solar ovens, if you or anyone you know has used one let us know.



  1. That looks like fun and I bet it was beautiful to look at from the ground. Ive actually been in a hot air balloon's nice and peaceful.

  2. Cool! We looked into tickets to ride in the balllons but they were way expensive. Maybe another time we'll get to ride in one!