Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The trouble with being homeless

Receiving mail has been quite a challenge for us. You can't exactly receive mail at your campsite! We have a mail forwarding service who collects our mail and forwards it to us wherever we are. We usually have our mail forwarded to General Delivery in whatever city we are going to be in next week. Today I am spending my day sitting around at my sister's house (while she's at work) waiting for UPS to deliver a GPS we ordered online. Of course it was sent "signature required". We need this GPS unit asap to help us navigate unfamiliar roads and not end up lost, stuck under a low clearance bridge, or on other not-RV-friendly roads. Its not like we can just turn around easily! This GPS software, Copilot, lets you input your vehicle height, length, and weight and will pick your route with those limitations. We are 12'6" ht, 40' length, and 22,000 lbs.
UPS should deliver sometime between 8 am and 7 pm tonight. I hate waiting!

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