Thursday, September 17, 2009

More war stories

So today started with me dinging the Jeep (described in gory detail below) and continued along the same track. Later in the day we missed a turn and had to do a U-turn. We found a truckwash with a huge driveway to turn into. So we turned in and surprisingly ground to a sudden stop! The Jeep was still hanging out in the middle of the street and we're stuck on something! So instead of completing the turn Chris straightened out the wheel and with a little prayer and some gas the RV inched forward. We pulled forward into a truck wash bay. We got out to figure out what had happed and discovered a nice chunk of asphalt on our tow ball. The road had a small drainage trench on the side of the road and the truckwash was on a little rise. So we had gotten the tow bar into a "V" and the tow ball had been dragging on the pavement. Luckily there seemed to be no damage!
So then we notice that we have a new problem. One of the carwash hoses is wrapped around Chris's cell-booster antenna. We broke the antenna in attempting to free it. :( but Chris says he thinks he can fix it. I said its not that big of a deal; even if we have to buy a new one that is a small price to pay for our valuable driving lessons of the day!
Now we're having a well-deserved drink in Fredericksburg. We are planning to stop at a museum in the morning and then head west again. Hopefully tomorrow will be less eventful!

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