Thursday, September 17, 2009

An itsy bitsy oopsy

Today I was driving the rig to the dump station and Chris was following in the Jeep. This is only my second time to drive the rig. I negotiated all the turns, pulled us up to the dump station, and Chris gave me the "ok" sign. He then proceeded to back the Jeep up and put it behind the motorhome to get us hooked up for towing. I put the rig in Park (well, I thought I did) and took my foot off the brake. On our ghetto rig the Park sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. It has been working lately and we thought it had spontaneously repaired itself. Another goofy thing about the transmission is that the gear label is slightly off center, so its kinda hard to tell what gear you are actually in. Well, I was either in broken Park or was in Reverse because the ghetto rig slid backwards and slammed into the Jeep. Luckily the Jeep has super duty bumpers and its just a little ding. This is all part of the learning curve!

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