Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finally Here in the Middle of Nowhere!

We've arrived in Davey Crockett National Park (east Texas). No other campers here to be seen! Today was an adventure. We picked out our route carefully on a paper map, choosing I-20 east out of Dallas to Hwy 69 South to the park. According to the map Hwy 69 is a multi-lane highway the whole way to Lufkin. When we got to Tyler, TX on 69 we started seeing signs that say "No Thru Trucks". Oh no! What does that mean? What are the height clearances on this road?! You'd think that should be readily available information, but it's not! It turned out Tyler isn't too bad, there were some low-hanging cables and stoplights and one turn that was pretty sharp for this rig. On the other side of Tyler we found the truck route around the city that would have been better for a big vehicle like ours. It has taught us the value of a good navigation system. MS Copilot is apparently the only one that will (mostly) navigate you around low clearance obstacles and weight restriction bridges. Wish I had budgeted for that! :)
This has been a LONG day on the road! Crockett, TX apparently is capable of moving farther away from an approaching RV! I reached my max stress level about a hundred miles ago!
Time for some R&R.

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