Thursday, September 24, 2009

Escaping Texas isn't easy!

We've finally crossed the state line and escaped Texas! We had to detour around a construction area and had to drive 50 miles off our expected route today! Hwy 285 is apparently under construction and there was a sign warning of a weight limit bridge: 11,000 lbs. We weigh 22,000 so we had to turn off and drive all the way back east to the next road into NM. That made our expected 2 hour hop into a long 4 hour drive. We also found what may be the bumpiest road in New Mexico! You know the roads called "other road" on the Rand McNally (in gray)? That should be replaced with "maybe its a road...mostly"! We did get to see some cool salt flats. Now we're comfortably parked at Brentley State Park, right outside Carlsbad Caverns. Our new kitchen window view includes a desert plain and a nice little lake and an incredibly blue sky!

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