Saturday, August 1, 2009

Want versus need and how to learn the difference.

Move into a 220 square foot space! We are learning to really consider every purchase. Even buying something as simple as a pair of shoes that are on sale is stupid if you don't NEED them!
Last week the weather cooled off and that was so wonderful. Chris and I finally got to do some hiking and Nay (the cat) is getting better at walking on a leash. :)
We have moved to Sunset RV Park which is right around the corner from the old house. Brenda is having a big shin-dig this weekend so we wanted to move to this side of town again. This was my first time to ride in the RV for a move since we finally have the tow bar for the Jeep (which was $850! Thank God Chris installed it.) The RV rocks and sways like a boat a little and I started to feel a little sea-sick. Annoying but I'll get used to it.
We'll move to Emma Long park next week. I'm going to take a break from working the OT.
Now we're waiting on the OT checks and the rent checks to start rolling in. And for the truck to sell. But last month's stress seems to be starting to pay off because at least we are finally getting to move around and we're feeling settled into the new home. :)

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